Blood Hungry

Blood Hungry

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Book 6 in the Blood Hunter series by author Marie Treanor

Tough young ex-soldier, John Ramsay is in Amsterdam with his posse of vampire hunters, investigating the bizarre nightly battles between local vampires and skinheads, when he finds himself transported from his hotel bed to a strange, sleazy nightclub. There, he encounters a dangerous, beautiful young woman who stakes and seduces with equal style. Although he knows nothing about her, she appears to know everything about him.

Eva’s Amsterdam assignation has gone horribly wrong. The vampire lover who once drank her blood, is dead.
Grieving, frustrated, full of hunger she can never assuage, she’s looking for trouble when she finds John Ramsay, the reason she can never truly fall in love with anyone else. Now, at last, she wins his attention and his love – a happiness she’s doomed to lose, for tangled with John’s mystery of a spontaneous world-wide epidemic of skinhead fights, are events twenty years in the future that will threaten the fragile peace between vampires and humans.

John and Eva work together to prevent a disaster spanning two decades. But destiny seems determined to keep them tragically apart…

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Blood Hungry 5.0

Marie Traenor did a phenomenal job of retelling the age old story of a vampire falling in love with a human, with a few interesting twists.... definite chemistry between Sera and her silent vampire... this promises to be a great read and it does not fail.

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