Hello! Welcome to the Blog!


Well, this is exciting!

I’ve never really had a personal blog before. I’ve written occasional guest posts for other people’s blogs, and for a couple of years I experimented with a party blog, where I hosted excerpt parties centring on a particular sub-genre of romance – they were a great way to “meet” new readers as well as other authors, and they were great fun, but it wasn’t the place for spur of the moment thoughts or discussions.

That’s what I’d like to do here – talk about what’s important to me – or to you! – at the moment. Books (including my own!), cover art, films and tv, people, pets, opinions, whatever comes to me, big and small. And I’d love to make it a conversation with you, so please leave lots of comments and bring your friends along to join in too! There are a few earlier rambles you can check out too, if you’d care to.

So, what’s important to me today? Of course, it’s my new website! Of which this blog is such a big part. I like the idea of it being surrounded by my books, like me in my ideal virtual home :-). Please, tell me what you think of the site, or mention anything you’d like to talk about here, or ask me a question. Since it’s something of a grand opening, I’ll offer a prize – winner’s choice of one of my books – to one commenter on any post during this first week.

Good luck, and thanks for dropping by! Do keep checking in!

Marie x

15 Responses to “Hello! Welcome to the Blog!”

  1. Mistik

    I love your website. I think the list of all your books is a great visual for cover sluts like me. I read your books too =D
    I have to ask what is it with the silk flowing dresses? Purple or Red…

    • Marie Treanor

      Thank you, Mistik! I have been lucky with a lot of my covers, haven’t I? :)

      The dresses… I think they stems from the cover of BLOOD ON SILK – which I had  no say in, but was very happy to approve! After the second one came out, it seemed to be something people associated with my books, and it made sense to continue the theme in the sequel series, Blood Hunters. All that silk is pretty, evocative and very sensual, I think – plus I like it :)

  2. Stephanie

    I love the dress theme too :D There’s just something so romantic about all the flowiness LOL Congratulations Marie! It’s a great new design for the site.

  3. Larissa

    Hello Marie! I can’t wait for “Blood Song” to come out, i love both the Awakened by Blood trilogy and the Blood Hunters series; absolutely amazing!
    Your new site is gorgeous by the way.
    Happy Holidays!

  4. Marie Treanor

    Goodness, there’s been so much going on that I totally forgot to post a contest winner! Random choice winner is Patricia Kasner! Congrats, Patricia, I’ll email you, and post this again in a new post with apology :)



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