TRUTH AND LIES is out at last!


If you haven’t seen the announcement around the Internet already, I’m delighted to have finally released the long awaited third book in The Gifted paranormal suspense series. I don’t why events seem to conspire to make long gaps between releases in this series – I do have fun writing it and playing with the deeply deceptive world of Zavrekestan where appearance and reality never seem to match :).

Anyway, hope you’ll check out the latest, Truth and Lies, available now – and in a later post I’ll tell you about some of my distractions that kept this one back for so long! 

The Gifted, Book 3
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Seduction is dangerous; love is lethal… 

In the isolated republic of Zavrekestan, home of the largest population of gifted psychics in the world, Roza Varenka is sorting out her life, and making use of her rare gift to protect the life of Opposition leader Lily Simonova during the election that could rescue her country from poverty and repression.

But when she encounters the dreaded secret police, her life explodes into intrigue, assassination and dangerous sensuality. For Suvakin, her enemy and interrogator, is both more and less than he seems, a troubled man of baffling contradictions; and yet Roza is drawn to him as to no one else she’s ever met.

Temptation becomes seduction, intensified by the desire of each to persuade the other to their cause. Only no one knows what Suvakin’s cause really is, and truth and lies are in danger of merging as he fights to save the woman he loves beyond sense and against all his training.


Read the prologue and first chapter here.

And if you haven’t begun this series yet, you can still buy Book 1, Smoke and Mirrors for just 99 cents – check it out here.

So, who are the Gifted?

People with psychic abilities…enter their world of paranormal suspense and steamy romance! In a distant, isolated and repressive country called Zavrekestan, there is a strangely high number of such people: secretive, quiet…until one man starts using his powers for his own agenda, and suddenly the world is after him. And not only him. Word is spreading about the Gifted, and no one is safe any more.

Book1: Smoke and MirrorsDeceit and desire and a treasure beyond price. Available Now.

Book 2: Hearts and MindsDarkness and light in one dangerous, irresistibe stranger. Available Now.

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