The old “Print versus E” Chestnut

SMOKE AND MIRRORS (The Gifted, Book 1)

So, I’ve just published SMOKE AND MIRRORS in paperback. Why, you may well ask, when it’s already available in digital formats? And lets face it, ebooks are outselling their traditional cousins by quite a lot – or so we’re told.

Well, I know there are still many readers out there who don’t have ebook readers and don’t want one either. They just prefer physical books, and I know I have a few readers who discovered my books through the print Awakened by Blood trilogy and have been disappointed not to be able to read the follow-up series, Blood Hunters. So, the good news is, I’m planning to bring those out in print too over the next year :)

Then there are people like me who read ebooks for convenience and sheer quantity. But I must admit, when I read a really good story, one that grabs me, that would, in the old days, have been given a prominent place on my bookshelf until I got the urge to read it again, I’m conscious of a desire to hold that book in my hands, to see it on the shelf and gloat over it. Gloating over a list of books on my Kindle home page, just isn’t the same. So, I’m hoping there are people who feel the same about at least some of my books, or who might want to make a gift of one to a friend.

There have been many discussions and warnings and foretellings over the years – that ebooks are a flash-in-the pan, or that traditional books are on the way out and will no longer be published. I never believed either of those things. If there’s a struggle between the two formats, it isn’t one to the death! There is most definitely a place for all books, in my opinion, and I’m more than happy to supply as many varieties as possible :)

SMOKE AND MIRRORS is the first of The Gifted paranormal/suspense series -not my best known or best-selling series, but still, the timing seemed right since Book 3, TRUTH AND LIES came out in November. Feel free to let me know which of my books you;d like to see in print next – and/or where you stand in the “print versus e” debate :)

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