Serial Fiction – good or bad?


I’ve heard a lot of people denouncing cliffhangers in series. You know the sort of thing. Heroine left dangling of a sheer cliff by her pinkie (metaphorically, at least), and you’ve no idea how the hero will get to her in time. Worse, you have to wait six to nine months for the next book to find out. I can understand the frustration. And not just with books – TV series like Hannibal have taken to doing the same thing. So, what do you think?  Does it make you buy the next book as soon as it comes or, or do you give up on the whole thing in disgust?

And does serial fiction have the same effect on you? Do you read serial fiction? It’s something I’ve only recently paid much attention to. I confess that although I really wanted to read it, I passed over Meljean Brook’s Kraken King serial – partly because it would have worked out pretty expensive, and partly because I prefer to immerse myself in a longer story. However… :)

My major news of the week, if you haven’t seen it already, is that I’ve decided to publish Blood Song – the prequel to my Awakened by Blood and Blood Hunters series – free and in serial form at Wattpad. My decision does have something to do with trying to dodge Wattpad’s “mature” filters for all except the sexiest chapters, but still,it feels good to be doing something new-to-me. (I know serial fiction has been with us a long time – Dickens and George Eliot, for example, published their masterpieces first in serial form in magazines. And comics have long done the same thing with their stories).

So please let me know what you think of serials in general, and mine in particular :). With Blood Song, I’m publishing two chapters every days, so you won’t have very long to wait between parts! You can read it – up to chapter 6 today, Sunday 1st March! – on Wattpad here:

If you hate serial fiction, then you can subscribe to my Newsletter and email me for a free PDF copy :).



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