Review: Reclaimed by Selena Illyria


So, the week after my own Billionaires for the Holiday story (The Raven’s Gift) released, here are my thoughts on another in this Nightshade Collection - RECLAIMED (Fire Mates, 1) by Selena Illyria – hot dragon shifter romance.

This short, sexy tale plunges the reader straight into a fully formed fantasy world of dragon shifters, gargoyles, goblins and warlocks. In fact RECLAIMED is all about fantasy, including sexual fantasies of submission and domination.

This is delicious, thigh-clenching erotic romance in inimitable Selena Illyria style, but permeating it all is the engaging warmth of genuine caring and a growing relationship. Which is a lot to get into a short story. Garret the hero is domineering, yet saved from the danger of “assholery” by his deep emotion and sense of responsibility. Sky, thankfully, is only prepared to submit in the bedroom: in the rest of her life she’s appealingly feisty and independent.

Although RECLAIMED concentrates very much on the relationship of the main characters, there is some beautiful, understated visual description of the dragon world, especially at the end. I’m looking forward to learning more as the rest of the saga unfolds in future stories, with the lead roles being taken by some of the other intriguing characters we’ve met here.

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