Review: House at the Edge – A World of Gothic: Greece by M.M. Jaye


I was lucky enough to get a pre-publication peek at this one. Since I’m a fan of Gothic romance, I fully expected to enjoy it, but… reader, I loved it!

Daphne, brought up in America and Britain by wealthy and successful parents, has lost everything, including her parents and their fortune. Already handicapped by a condition that prevents her distinguishing and defining emotions, her confidence is further shattered by a nasty break-up. But Daphne is a fighter. Determined to start anew, she leaves everything she knows behind her and travels to the remote Greek island where her grandmother was born – in winter when there are no tourists and work is scarce. From desperation, she more or less foists herself on the local wealthy recluse, Petros Varnezis, who lives in an inaccessible mansion known as the House at the Edge, as his cook.

Petros is gorgeous, grumpy, and grief-stricken. It’s not surprising Daphne falls for him – I did! But all is not as it seems. The house is haunted, apparently by more than memories, and Daphne is clearly not welcome. However, I’m not going to tell you the whole story here because you should read it yourself!

The setting of a Greek island in winter is both vivid and charming, as well as authentic. M.M. Jaye is Greek, and although English is not her first language, she writes as though it is. In fact, I loved her style. Told with humour and a lovely turn of phrase, House at the Edge is a truly Gothic read – spine-tinglingly atmospheric, deliciously romantic, suspenseful, great fun, and very hard to put down! At only 99 cents, you should definitely take a chance on it, and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

House at the Edge is the second in the A World of Gothic international series of novellas. Watch out for new titles each month by keeping up with our Facebook page

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  1. MM Jaye

    Thank you so much, Marie! I absolutely loved your Ghost in the Rain! I’m so glad the second release was a worthy successor!


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