Paranormal or contemporary romance?


Celebrating my new release, IN HER SECRET FANTASY! Which is a Scottish Highland contemporary romance/paranormal romance with suspense and….

Scratching head! Should it be that hard to describe my own book? The trouble is, although I know it can be useful,I’ve never been a great fan of labelling books with genres or subgenres, because an awful lot of them cross over. Mysteries can be romantic. Paranormals can be romantic or not, suspenseful or not. When does a romantic suspense become a thriller instead? On the other hand, I do now label myself an author of paranormal romance – a pretty wide-ranging genre these days! And yet I still feel slightly irked by the boundaries.

Take my  new release (Hurray! IN HER SECRET FANTASY is out today). Although it has a little side story about selkies (shapeshifting seals to the uninitiated), to me the feel and tone of the book is really contemporary romance. As in the first book in this series, the paranormal element is really there to to emphasize the magical atmosphere of an ancient place steeped in mythology and history, millennia of changing beliefs. That’s the background. The foreground is a reluctant but steamily down-to-earth romance developing between two people temporarily damaged by life, who find strength not in the paranormal but in each other.

So, it’s romance, set in the present, which makes it contemporary; and it has selkies, so it’s also paranormal. But do these labels matter to you when you’re choosing a book? Do you look first for genre, or do you pick up a book because the title or the cover grabs you, and read the blurb? Would you be put off by a book that wasn’t labelled with your favourite genre?

Anyway, here’s a challenge :). Read IN HER SECRET FANTASY and tell me which genre you think it is!

Here’s the blurb and some details:



Desire beyond imagination…danger that’s all too real.

A sequel to In His Wildest Dreams

World-weary, burned-out undercover cop Aidan Grieve’s latest assignment has brought him home to the Highland village he couldn’t wait to leave, but something’s definitely wrong in Ardknocken.

When did his parents get so frail? What is his sister thinking, befriending the chief suspects in his investigation—the ex-cons of Ardknocken House? And why can he barely control his instant attraction to the house’s beautiful manager?

Her mind and body still mending from a vicious attack, ex-parole officer Chrissy Lennox isn’t ready for a complication like the charming, empathetic, gorgeous Aidan, a restless adrenaline junkie for whom this sleepy village has never been big enough.

Yet as easily as the meddling selkies shed their skins, desire strips away their hesitation, and not even the cold Scottish sea can cool the fire. But as Aidan’s investigation progresses, so does the danger—revealing secrets that could leave their hearts in pieces.

Warning: When our hero is good, he’s very good…but when he’s bad, he’s delicious! Also contains lusty, mischievous selkies who’ll steal your heart with one flipper while stealing your underwear with the other.


Read the first chapter.



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