Sex And The Single Princess

Sex And The Single Princess

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Book 4 in the Fairytale Fantasies Series, by author Marie Treanor, co-written with Bonnie Dee

Behind every beautiful shoe is a sexy shoemaker.

Will Shoemaker works his fingers to the bone to make quality footwear worthy to grace the feet of the king’s six daughters. But recently his one-of-a-kind creations have been coming back to him in tatters.

Determined to find out what is destroying his shoes—and threatening his position as royal cobbler—Will follows the princesses and discovers they’re dancing their nights away in a fairy world. The princess with the fastest feet is Iris, whom he has long loved from afar.

With an arranged marriage looming in her future, Iris wrings as much pleasure as possible out of her last days of freedom. Yet even as she whirls in the arms of an elven prince, she dreams of the lowly cobbler and fantasizes that it’s his work-roughened hands on her delicate skin.

In a magical realm where anything is possible, Will and Iris shatter all barriers between them and find the ultimate fantasy—love—in each other’s arms. But there’s betrayal and treachery afoot…and it’s poised to destroy everything on both sides of the veil. Including any chance of happily ever after for Iris and Will.

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