Queens Gambit

Queens Gambit

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The Grand Master of her body—and her fate.

Ever since a jealous wife cursed her, Christi Blythe has lived seven hundreds years of a half life, trapped by day in the black queen of a chess set. She lives only between the hours of dusk and dawn, waiting for the one true love who is willing to sacrifice a vital game of chess to break the curse.

Now, years after she has given up hope, her remote Highland hotel is hosting a chess match between two high-profile Grand Masters of the game. One of them is the brilliant but erratic Russian, Andrei Zuvaran.

Andrei suspects there is something different about the luscious barmaid and her chess set. One hot night with her—and one shocking dawn—confirms it. But he can’t afford to lose this match. Not even to free her.

He’s got more riding on it than money, more than his heart. His next move could cost a life.


This book has been previously published and has been revised from its original release.

Warning: This story includes adultery, enchantment and hot, sexy Russians, and defies the widely-held belief that chess is for geeks.

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Queens Gambit 5.0

With a short story length, every word has to count and you make them do so beautifully. The book packs a lot of emotion - laughter, joy, grief, longing, sorrow and ultimately a love true enough to be willing to sacrifice all... You make me believe in these two, their feelings for each other and their future...

Dear Author

Queens Gambit 5.0

twists and turns... an exciting adventure... did I mention the hot sex? Christi and Andrei will certainly get your monitor smoking... another winner from a very talented author

5 Hearts, Valerie, Love Romances and More

Queens Gambit 5.0

Marie Treanor dances to her own tune when it comes to plot... unexpectedly poignant and compelling.

Mrs. Giggles

Queens Gambit 5.0

a delightful story... Andrei Zuvarian is a great character....sexy, charming, and doesn’t take his status of Grand Master too seriously... great sexual chemistry

LT Blue, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Queens Gambit 5.0

a joy to read... wonderful and interesting.

4 hearts, Angel Brewer, The Romance Studio

Queens Gambit 5.0

Marie Treanor has a wonderful way with words that makes it easy to become involved with this story of magic, love and betrayal. I thoroughly enjoyed every page.

4 unicorns, Lyonene, Enchanted in Romance

Queens Gambit 5.0

Marie Treanor casts a spell of her own in Queen’s Gambit that will enchant and move readers!

Michelle, Fallen Angels Reviews

Queens Gambit 5.0

I will never look at a chess set in quite the same way. 4 stars, Michelle Naumann, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 stars, Michelle Naumann, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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