Dragul Rising

Dragul Rising

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Tales of the Damned, box set 2 by Author Marie Treanor

The Dragul are as old as the Earth. Once, they retreated before the ignorant onslaught of men. Now they’re back.

As the world recovers from nuclear holocaust, two cities vie for the right to colonize the empty Highlands. Beth, a restless scientist from the City of the Damned, is sent to test the environment. When she encounters the living embodiment of her erotic dreams — a golden winged man — her whole life is thrown into confusion.

As the secret of the Dragul emerges, the half-human vampire Michael takes time out of his mission to their kingdom to rescue Danna, the beautiful shapeshifting Dragon Dancer. Attraction between them is so powerful that Danna begins to believe he is her One — which would be an unthinkable tragedy when he is already bound to another woman.

Eve, beautiful, clever, visionary, leads a delegation from the human Dome City. She is used to succeeding, but she has never before encountered an opponent like the King of the Dragul. Dark, brooding and overwhelmingly powerful, King Vasil walks a lonely path, dedicated to serving and caring for his people. He is happy to battle Eve with wits, sex and ultimately love, for a prize that turns out to be larger than anyone had previously imagined.

Nothing will ever be the same.

Contains the previously published novellas Dragul Dawn, Dragul in Daylight and Dragul in Darkness.

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