Blood Song: a prequel

Blood Song: a prequel

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Vampire romance; a prequel to the ‘Awakened by Blood’ and ‘Blood Hunters’ series by author Marie Treanor

A short novel of the Blood world

The undead are edgy. Something is happening in their dark, brutal world, something anticipated with excitement and dread: the potential awakening of the most powerful vampire who ever existed. Only the dangerous, solitary vampire Vadas doesn’t care who rules the undead. He bows to no one, and he’s more interested in revenge on the human Salvona family.

Talented young opera singer Francesca Salvona empathizes with every role she sings, however melodramatic. But when she encounters Vadas, who means to kill her, then lets her live on a whim, her life becomes more bizarre than any opera. Although she doesn’t trust the charming, sexy Vadas, his nearness melts her bones, forcing her to choose between personal safety and the most powerful desire she’s ever known.

Soon Francesca’s caught in the middle of Vadas’s fights with real life vampire hunters and undead leader Zoltan. To top it all, thugs from her past are pursuing her for a valuable key. Francesca and Vadas have difficult secrets to reveal, and even harder decisions to make. But some things are out of their control, not least the approaching awakening, destined to change their lives forever.

In BLOOD SONG, readers of the Awakened by Blood trilogy and the Blood Hunters series will meet fresh new characters as well as old friends on the brink of change. New readers will discover an intriguing introduction to two acclaimed vampire romance series.


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Blood Song: a prequel 5.0

Vadas and Francesca are a fascinating couple

cjr, Amazon review

Blood Song: a prequel 5.0

Marie Treanor's writing is so descriptive and her characters very well written... Found myself not wanting to put it down!

A. Brown, Amazon

Blood Song: a prequel 5.0

A delicious story, and suspenseful

Amazon Customer

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