My Next Year of Writing…


So, as it draws towards the end of 2014, I’ve been thinking about future releases and writing projects for next year.

You may have seen on Facebook that I’ve written a short novel called BLOOD SONG – currently with my editor, about a bad ass vampire and an opera singer J – which is a one-off prequel to both the Awakened by Blood trilogy and the Blood Hunters series. And along the same lines, I’m wondering about a prequel to Serafina’s – their first paranormal case.

Oh and talking of Serafina’s, SERAFINA AND THE FOUNDER, the fifth in the series, releases in January! Which I’m pretty excited about. Then, I have other Serafina’s stories clamouring to be written. I’m hoping to release two more next year.

Plus, I’m mulling over another spin-off Blood series to follow on from where Blood Hunters left off. I also have a third story in the Gifted series written but pending while I work out why I’m not quite happy with it, so hopefully that will come out next year too. And then I want to write a couple more “In” books for Samhain, following on from IN HIS WILDEST DREAMS and IN HER SECRET FANTASY (which comes out in February 2015).

In short, I’m planning a lot of work that doesn’t leave much room for new projects, and it struck me that maybe I’m becoming so obsessed with the worlds I’ve already created that I can’t leave them alone! I think that can be a danger with long running series – writers aren’t always objective enough about their beloved creations to see when they’ve run their course. So, I thought I could do worse than ask you!

With SERAFINA AND THE FOUNDER, several on-going stories reached a conclusion. BLOOD HUNGRY brought Blood Hunters to a natural end. Yet both have loose threads that I’m itching to pick up! The question is, do readers itch in the same way? :-)

What do you think? Do you like long-running series? Which of my series would you like more of, or should I move in different directions? Please feel free to advise, hint and ask :-)


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