Merry Christmas!


Huge and happy Christmas wishes from me to you :)

Just a short message to say I hope you have a lovely day with friends and family; and whether or not you celebrate, wishing you lots of fun!  I’ll be going off-line shortly to concentrate on family and house stuff. We like to get a lot of the food preparation done on Christmas Eve so that we can relax and enjoy the day itself.  And of course, being disorganized, I still have everyone’s presents to wrap! Which is one better than my daughter who still has everyone’s presents to buy! Except mine – I like her priorities :).

We’re having a quiet Christmas this year with just my husband, three kids and me – and the dog, who also has presents lined up, mainly to distract him from trashing everyone else’s :). My boys are grown up now (20 and 19 – how did that happen??), and although they still live at home, they’re always busy with their own lives, so I’m really looking forward to spending family time and enjoying a meal all together for once.

So, have a wonderful time, and if you have a moment, tell me how you’re spending the festive season.




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