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Here’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about recently: how much I’ve always loved Gothic stories in books, films and television. What with Dracula, Jane Eyre, Rebecca, Victoria Holt’s novels, I grew up with Gothic reading. And even watching – from old Hammer horror films, to the new Penny Dreadful t.v. series, with frequent retellings of Dracula and Frankenstein, a love of the Gothic screen has always been with me, too!

Gothic novels in particular have a long and glorious tradition that for some reason goes hand in hand with romance - I think it must be the intense atmosphere and heightened emotion that encourage love in unusual situations, generally with dark, brooding men of dubious pasts who certainly shouldn’t be easy to live with! Jane Eyre’s Mr. Rochester is perhaps the archetypal Gothic hero, with his brooding, cynical character and his terrible secret in the attic!

I suppose it’s inevitable that such influences inspire my writing too. Although I haven’t published anything specifically in the Gothic genre before, it seeps into a lot of my books: Gothic Dragon was inspired by the nineteenth century fashion for Gothic tales; in Blood on Silk, Saloman arising from his tomb was pure Gothic; and there are definite Gothic elements in my In… series, set in the big, haunted house inhabited by ex-cons.

Perhaps it was inevitable that one day I would sit down and deliberately write a Gothic novel. Well, I did, and got a bit carried away! So, I’ve got a Victorian Gothic series called Darke of Night coming out this summer. But first, here’s my exciting news!

Today sees the launch of a series of novellas called A World of Gothic, featuring Gothic tales from authors all over the world, including M.M. Jaye, Alicia Dean, Janice Susan May, Gemma Juliana, Kathy L. Wheeler – and me! :)

In fact, I’m thrilled to say the series opens today with my GHOST IN THE RAIN (A World of Gothic: Scotland), which is on sale now for just 99 cents!

A haunted Highland house, battered by storms and murder…

Notorious rocker Dan Stewart isn’t anything like Dr. Kate Yorke imagined. Arriving at his remote home in the Scottish Highlands to research some valuable letters – only to discover he’s forgotten their appointment – Kate soaks up the Gothic atmosphere of Invershiel House. But it’s the owner who truly fascinates her.

Reclusive and abrupt, Dan is haunted by the deaths of his fellow band members, especially his one time lover Islay Lamont, whose shade seems to flit around the grounds in the rain. But the ghost is not the only mystery Kate encounters. Light bulbs disappear around her – and only Dan knows she’s scared of the dark. Then she trips over a dead body which inexplicably vanishes.

It becomes a race against time to find the identity of the body and the killer. And to discover if she and Danny have any kind of future together. Or even at all…


Buy now from:

Amazon http://amzn.to/242zolj
Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/26t6c5R
B&N:  http://bit.ly/1qT8WZn
Kobo:  http://bit.ly/1TvPiwg

A World of Gothic is a Gothic Mystery Romance Series by authors all over the world. For information on other titles, check out our A World of Gothic Facebook page .

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