The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

I don’t read much young adult fiction, and being perverse, generally avoid books which get loads of hype. So The Hunger Games really passed me by until my daughter, who’s only just eleven, decided to read her older brother’s copy one day, and got instantly hooked. She proceeded to gobble up the other two books and then watched the first two films. She and one in particular of her friends have been looking forward to the release of the third film (which I believe follows the first half of the third book) for months! So, I gave in and took them to see it on its second day of release here.

Hunger GamesAnd I have to say I was impressed! I’d only seen odd parts of the other films although my daughter’s conversation had brought me roughly up to speed. At any rate, I wasn’t lost, and the film riveted me from start to finish. There were some pretty fab action scenes, suspense, a hint of the romance I only knew about from hearsay, and several scenes that tugged at the emotions. I bought into the character of Katniss totally, which is at least partly a tribute to Jennifer Lawrence who plays the role so well. You can see the traumatized teenager in her – passionate, defensive, sometimes totally lacking self-confidence, at others consumed with a determination that carries everyone with her. Because she’s young, she thinks in terms of who and what she knows, and has difficulty seeing the bigger picture until it’s shown to her. And she displays a rather disarming sense of humour. So overall, the viewer takes on her rounded character, and really believes that she’s special, not just as a symbol but in herself.

The character I didn’t really buy into was the love interest, Peeta , though this may well be because I haven’t watched the previous films and don’t appreciate him as I should. After all, the poor boy isn’t at his best in this episode. I shall say no more for fear of spoiling!

I should add there is also a cliff-hanger ending to this film which has left my daughter and her friend gasping for the next part – even though they’ve read the books and know how it all ends!

As for me, I might just offer to take them to the next one too :-)

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