Happy New Year!


So, 2015!  Twelfth Night has come and gone. The Christmas tree is down and all the decorations are away in the loft until next December – or at least they will be as soon as I can organize myself to do it.

I always have mixed feelings while I’m doing this. Like dismantling Christmas. I can’t help being sorry that festive fun is officially over – but at the same time, I’m glad to get rid of all the tacky, glittery mess that I loved only a couple of weeks before J. Despite all the massive good will of Christmas and the hopeful wishes of New Year,  everything is just “back to normal”. My kids are back to college, work and school respectively and I can concentrate on writing again.

However, something seems to happen to all my groundless optimism in the few days between Hogmanay and Twelfth Night. By now, I recognize that the word won’t change just because of a few New Year resolutions, muttered more often than not in a state of inebriation J.

On the other hand, hope is hanging in there! I will eat more healthily and make my family do the same, I will keep writing, aiming to make my books better and better; and I will try harder with promoting my books. Happy New Year!

What have you promised yourself for this year?

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