Cats and Dogs…

The Boss - Marie Treanor

Since we got our puppy back in September, I’ve been curious to know how he’d behave with other animals, particularly cats.

He is a ridiculously sociable pup, desperate to play with every other dog he meets, and to say hell to all humans. A horse in the distance got him quite agitated once, and he did growl at next door’s cat who was passing through our garden along a high wall. But he never came up close and personal with a cat until tonight.

Making the most of his opportunity when No 1 son opened the front door to his friend, the puppy shot out of the house and through the garden to the road, Chased by most of my family, No 1 son’s band members and several total strangers, the pup was clearly having a blast and had absolutely no intention of trotting tamely back to me for something as mundane as a dog treat. He was off.

Eventually, we cornered him in a lane, which came to a dead end. “Gotcha,” I thought. Too soon. Hearing a friend’s voice, he bolted past me once more – and came face to face with a large cat.

The puppy stopped dead in surprise. The cat arched its back quite spectacularly, and hissed. Fascinated, Toby jumped at it, inviting it to play. The cat spat and swiped at him, but of course, he took that as encouragement, until the cat really went for him and he yelped and ran about two feet – before turning and again inviting the cat to play.

They stared at each other, one, it seemed, as baffled as the other. But at least the pup now stood still long enough for me to catch him and lug him home. Happy ending.

Only now I’m wondering what would have happened if I’d left them to it. Would the puppy have won over the cat before it scratched him to bits? What do you think?

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