Bed, Book and Banana


I just came across this which I first wrote for Another Look Book Review’s “Guilty Pleasures” series back in 2011. Thought it might amuse you :)


I know what you’re thinking: this is X-rated stuff. What the hell is she doing in bed with a banana? And what kind of book does she need for that?

The same kind of book I always need, of course – really good, page-turning fiction. But yes, you’re right, the banana is the crux of the matter, and, once I discovered how well it went with the aforementioned bed and book… Yes, I’m guilty!

Just not as guilty as you’re imagining!

But I must admit it is one of my secret joys – sneaking off to bed with a good book and a banana sandwich – you know the kind, soft brown bread with butter and a mashed up banana – yum!  By the time I left home for university, I was no stranger to this delight. I’d enjoyed it since childhood. However, eating in bed was not encouraged by my parents. Brushing your teeth before sleep was, so it never entered my head to  eat in bed last thing at night when I’d only have to get up again to brush my teeth.

I wasn’t a huge student rebel. But as my roommate and I retired to our beds one night, complete with coffee and banana sandwiches and novels which were certainly NOT required course reading, I had this blinding revelation that I really didn’t need to get up again to brush my teeth if I didn’t want to. I could go straight to sleep once the sandwich and the book were finished. Who would know or care? So with a deliciously guilty feeling in my bones, that’s exactly what I did.

Loved it.

It’s a rare treat, though, because before you do it again you really have to have time to forget about the down-side, which is waking up with a yuchy mouth and scummmy teeth. And of course, too often and you have to involve the dentist.

So yes, that’s my guilty pleasure. It could be worse; it could be more exciting. But it’s mine, I love it, and I’m not giving it up!

What do you eat in bed with a good book? Or don’t you?

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